EVA GENOVEVA VITA EVA GENOVEVA One of the earliest childhood recollections of Eva Genoveva is the pleasure she got on rainy days from paintings ad infinitum without being prompted by her mother to play outdoors. However, the path from talent to profession then turned out to be serpentine. She first studied law and history, then earned a degree in translation. In 2010 she dared to quit her bread-and- butter job in the patent department of a chemical corporation to be a fulltime freelance artist eventually. Eva Genoveva lives and works in Munich.   The US-american painter Chai South says about Eva Genoveva`s works: “Her work has a vulnerable essence that is windowed in hard edginess that promises compelling stories of women. She is telling bits and pieces of our (female family) stories that are hidden behind masks or forced definitions we and/or society often plagues us with. Her work carries a truth”. Happiness is no easy matter. Finding it within ourselves is difficult, finding it anywhere else is impossible (Nicolas Chamfort)